VA119xx – Ford Cortina MkIV


VA077xx – Saab 96

SAAB – Svenska Aeroplan AB – Launched the ’96 ‘in 1960. The most noticeable feature on the outside was its large wrap-around rear window, while under the bonnet was an 841cc two-stroke engine giving 38bhp. Front wheel drive gift sure-footed handling and the ’96 ‘went on to be a famous rally winner, most Notably in the hands of Eric Carlson. Around 547,000 were built and with solid build quality, many fine examples of this tough little classic survive to this day.

VA07700a: Saab 96 Saloon - Savanna Beige

VA07700a: Saab 96 Saloon – Savanna Beige

VA063xx – Morris Marina

The Marina was hyped as BL’s rival to the Ford Cortina. Often seen as a rather uninspiring design, the Marina was known for having perilous understeer early on, large engined models. There were two engine sizes available, along with a four door saloon and a two by fastback coupe. An estate version was later added to the range. The Marina was produced between 1971 – 1978 with a total production run in excess of 950,000 vehicles.

Engine: 1798cc 4IL OHV
Power: 95bhp@5500rpm
Torque: 105lb.ft@2500rpm
Maximum speed: 100mph
0-60mph: 12.1secs
Produced: 659,852 (all Marina cars)

VA056xx: Austin 1300

Sister car to the identical Morris in 1300, and similarly inspired by Alec Issigonis, this front wheel drive masterpiece made more money than just for the BMC Mini. Running from 1962 to 1974, production (including America) totalled about 1 million before it was Eventually phased out by the Allegro. Having the same basic transverse engine / transmission pack as the Mini, it usefull Hydrolastic front disc brakes and suspension